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Field Placement - Finance

Field Placement is a mandatory component of the Business Administration – Finance program. All students will complete 20 days of unpaid Finance Field Placement with a company that has been approved by the Field Placement Coordinator. The Field Placement will be arranged by the student based on their skills and career interests and must be approved by the Field Placement Coordinator. The Field Placement Coordinator will assist the student in the identification and matching with the sponsor organization, as required, but the primary responsibility for securing a placement rests with the student. A wide variety of positions are available, including accounting, auditing, tax, financial analysis, etc. It is up to the student to find the appropriate employer and placement for their interests. Students' work experience in accounting will depend on the employers' needs and will be evaluated by the employer upon the completion of the 20 day period. Students will be expected to prepare for this work experience by preparing a formal professional resume and attending field placement seminars. (FWKF XXXX) At the end of the Field Placement students must prepare a formal report about their experience. Students will be evaluated by their employer as part of the overall evaluation criteria.